Eldia Belleus

Eldia Belleus is the co-founder and owner of Modern & Elegant Designs which is an, event decor and design firm specializing in weddings, corporate trade shows and special events.

Eldia Belleus was born in the Caribbean country of Haiti where she spent her first 9 years of her life before arriving to Canada where she was raised by her grand-mother who, along with the rest of her family instilled in her the belief of financial independence.

She attended high school at the Franco-Cité where she would meet her best-friend and who would later become her business partner for Modern & Elegant Designs.

In Eldia’s youth she dreamed of a career as an international fashion model but this dream would eventually take a back seat when she discovered another stronger passion while decorating her own wedding which she completed in less than 90 days of preparation. Since then, Eldia and her best-friend made the decision to partner up and launch their own even decoration business together.

Eldia is dedicated and passionate at everything she involves herself in and is known for her strong work ethics. She strongly believes that dreams can be achieved without time limitations through dedication and hard work.

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